Dog Flips Out When He Discovers A Clam At The Beach

Dogs are awesome because they do not need very much to be pleased with life. For some dogs, all it takes are a few moments outdoors. Dogs seem to enjoy the beach especially. George Dumaine learned this lesson firsthand when he took his pup out for a stroll. The vizsla was given the chance to enjoy the sandy shores and he had an absolute blast from the moment he arrived.

This is one breed that is typically well known for their hilarious antics. They have a lot of energy and they enjoy getting into mischief. That does not make them any less lovable, however. These dogs are incredibly gentle, despite their love for hunting. That’s what makes this clip such a hoot. The reaction that he had to finding a crab is absolutely priceless.

We cannot stop watching this clip. We also suspect that you will not be able to, either. This dog’s made quite the beach discovery and he wants everyone to know. His enthusiasm is almost childlike. While the discovery of a clam may not sound particularly exciting to some, this dog knows the meaning of life. It is a simple lesson that we all struggle to learn.

And that lesson is that life is what you make of it. Sure, some might believe that the discovery of a clam is nothing to write home about. This dog feels differently and that’s why he is so special to us. George was also more than happy to share in the moment with his dog. In fact, his reaction to the discovery of the clam is even easier for us to relate to.

What dog owner hasn’t shared a moment like this with their pooch in the past? Sure, we may not have the heart to tell them about their discoveries and just how commonplace they may be. That does not mean that we think any less of them. In fact, their enthusiasm is often infectious. We wish that this video had sound. That’s our sole complaint here.

In the grand scheme of things? It is a minor one. Once you have seen this hysterical clip for yourself, we urge you to take the time to pass it along. Dogs will never cease to amaze us. They have the ability to make friends in any location, no matter where they are. Please be sure to share this one with your friends and loved ones.

He found a clam! A CLAM!!!

Posted by George Dumaine on Friday, November 2, 2018

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