This Guy Couldn’t Get A Date For Prom, So He Took His Cat

Those of us who have already graduated from high school can certainly relate to the annoyance of trying to find a prom date. It was tougher for some of us than others. Once we find someone who is willing to go with us, it can be tough to deal with all of the associated anxiety. How kids actually find the time to enjoy themselves by the time its all said and done is beyond us.

Sam Steingard was like many of the kids who struggle to find a prom date. Of course, he still wanted to attend the event. He did not want to go stag, though. Instead of complaining or feeling sorry for himself, he devised the perfect solution. “My brother took our cat to prom,” says his sister, Caroline. The boy went all out for the occasion, too.

The cat was given the chance to rock an awesome prom outfit. We have never seen anything quite like it in all of our days. Joanne, the boy’s mother, was responsible for helping to create the cat’s getup. She was given a sparkly, beautiful dress to wear. The cat even had the chance to wear an adorable collar. This gave the boy the perfect companion to take pictures with.

Ruby is the cat’s name and she seems to be enjoying the attention she’s receiving. Who wouldn’t? This cat’s name comes with an excellent backstory, too. She was named Ruby because of where she was located. The family first met her during a trip to a Ruby Tuesdays restaurant. She has been a part of the family for the past ten years.

What a touching story. It is clear to see that this young man has quite the sense of humor. Caroline says that the cat would even walk her to school when she was young. Ruby would also faithfully wait for her owner to come home from school. This is one cat who has dedicated her life to her humans. Now, they are finally able to repay the favor.

Sam even made her a fort to sleep in and she prefers it to her more expensive cat bed. This is one animal who understands sentimental value! This prom photo was actually taken last year. Now, Sam is away from home. He has moved onto college but he still has a strong connection with Ruby. Would you like to learn more about this story? Check out the clip below!

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