Dog Found Chained To A Tree So Tightly He Could Barely Move At All

Stories like these make us wonder what could possibly be going through the minds of certain pet owners. When Kerry got the call about this dog’s plight, she never could have expected what she would found. As someone who works with Don’t Bully Us Rescue on a regular basis, she has seen a great deal of sadness in her time. This situation was truly awful, though.

She could tell from the number of calls that she got. The community knows her efforts well and they wanted to make sure that she was aware of the situation. By the time she found the dog, it was clear to see why they were so panicked. The poor animal was chained to a tree so tightly, he could barely move. The dog was padlocked in such a way, he could not even move his head.

The pitbull had not eaten in some time and was clearly starving to death in front of her. Kerry knew that she would need to act quickly to save the animal. The Woolwich Township Police Department was contacted and Kerry waited patiently to make sure that they would do what was right. Fortunately, Max the pitbull was finally removed from this awful situation.

The owner was found guilty of pet endangerment and a fine was issued. As for Max, he was given the chance to reside in a shelter instead of being left outside. Don’t Bully Us Rescue was able to take him in once the shelter that was responsible for his care decided to release him into their custody. He had a few behavioral issues at the shelter and also tested positive for heart worms.

Kerry decided that she would become a more permanent part of Max’s life as well. She did not buy into the idea of Max being too aggressive. She knew that he was a sweet boy deep down inside. He is the classic example of a puppy who still lives inside of a larger dog’s body. He lacks manners but they are going to work together on that.

The poor fellow has simply spent too much of his time shackled in chains. The conditions that he was forced to endure have sapped his people skills. Kerry is confident that she can restore the dog’s ability to relate to the world around him. She is going to serve as his foster parent until they can find a more suitable forever home. We wish Max the best of luck! Hopefully, his future will be brighter than his past.

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