Vet Crawls Into Kennel To Sleep With Dog Who Got Hurt In A Fire

Taka the dog recently went through one of the most traumatic experiences that any living creature could endure. The Shiba Inu’s house burst into flames while Taka was trapped inside. His family tried their absolute best to get to him in time but the flames were too much to bear. They were forced to flee from the home in order to save their own lives.

One of his neighbors found him before it was too late and rushed him to the vet’s office for some much needed help. The Care More Animal Hospital was more than happy to help. He was covered in burns when he arrived. They were not able to worry about his external burns right away because they had to tend to the inhalation burns that had yet to be treated.

His eyes were also injured as a result of the fire. Unfortunately, they were not able to save his eyesight. Emily Martin works at the Care More Animal Hospital and she developed a close bond with Taka almost immediately. Emily tries her best to treat each of her patients with the same level of care but there was just something about Taka.

The dog’s family spoke to Emily after the admission. They agreed that it would be best for Taka’s health to remain at the animal hospital. Taka now has a new mothe who truly cares for him. Emily has taken on the task of nursing him back to health. The bond that they share is truly adorable. She even takes the dog home and gets into bed with him.

Since the hospital is not a 24 hour establishment, someone has to watch over Taka during the night. This is a job that Emily is more than happy to do. She even sleeps with him when they are at the hospital. Someone was nice enough to snap a picture of the two, so that this moment could be shared with the world. Taka is a special dog and he now has a special friend.

He is still very kind and gentle, even after everything that he has been through. It is still too early to tell where Taka will go once his rehab is complete. Emily says that she is considering adopting her herself. The two make for a great pair and we hope that they end up together forever. It would be a fitting ending to a very sad story.

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