Dog Found Clinging To Life Because Owner “Didn’t Have Time” To Go To Vet

Dog ownership is a responsibility but it is also important to remember that it is a privilege as well. While there is a certain amount of effort that goes into raising a dog, those who know them best are well aware of this fact. They never allow themselves to lose sight of the fact that they are lucky to have a dog. Unfortunately, some do not see it that way.

Harley is a young man who was given the chance to own a beautiful pup of his own. Instead of cherishing the opportunity, he decided that he did not “have time” to care for her. Gloria was just starting to show signs of a potential rabies infection and instead of taking her to the vet, Harley elected to shoot the animal. What a disturbing reason to cause bodily harm to an innocent dog.

We would love to have just five minutes alone with this joker. All we want to do is talk, we promise. He has since been charged with felony animal abuse and jail might be a fate too kind for this man. He decided that he would rather end the life of an innocent animal that he willingly chose to care for….instead of just taking her to the vet like a normal person.

He had the sheer audacity to simply dump the dog on the side of the road. Gloria is a warrior, though. She was not going to give up. Somehow, she was able to survive. Eventually, she was found where the young man had tossed her and brought to a local vet. The Unleashed Pet Rescue took her in after the vet visit and was determined to assist her in any way possible.

Her name was not Gloria when she arrived but she received the new moniker as a symbol of the struggle that she had survived. How she was able to survive a point blank shotgun blast to the head is beyond us. This is one special dog who is supposed to be here. She definitely has a higher purpose and is still one of the sweetest dogs you could ever hope to meet.

She may be safe now but there is still a long road ahead. If you would like to follow her story, be sure to visit her Facebook page. You can also provide a donation to the good people at Unleashed Pet Rescue. Please share this story to spread awareness about this dog’s unique plight. We hope that Gloria gets well soon so that she can find her forever home.

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