Woman Goes Undercover To Rescue Baby Chimp – Now Grateful Baby Won’t Stop Hugging Her

Jenny Desmond is the type of person who believes in actions over words. So when she heard about the baby chimp in this story, she knew that she had to act right away. A trafficker was attempting to sell off the baby in Monrovia. She and her husband Jim are responsible for running the Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection organization. They made sure that the perpetrator was captured.

The couple even came up with their own sting operation. To get him arrested, they would need to get him on tape asking for money. Once they did, the Forestry Development Authority was able to step in. Because authorities do not always have the ability to put a stop to these types of actions, this makes it very hard for Liberian lawmakers to stem the tide of exotic animal abuse.

Exotic animal trade tends to flourish in these sorts of locations. This is what Jenny and her husband were trying to put a stop to. This couple has already been able to rescue a wide range of chimps and they are not about to rest on their laurels. They are now in the process of creating a massive sanctuary where the rescue chimps can spend their days.

Baby chimpanzees that have been rescued need help if they are going to achieve the proper level of independence. This is the primary focus at the sanctuary. While Jenny loves all of the chimps with her whole heart, she has taken to Ella especially. Her parents were taken away from her and Jenny found her while she was being trafficked.

She even went undercover to help Ella escape the life that she was trapped in. This level of dedication definitely deserves kudos. She has gone above and beyond to help these chimps and we appreciate her for doing so. Ella is now like a daughter to Jenny. The two spend lots of time together and she has become the chimp’s adoptive mother.

If this story touched you as deeply as it did us, please take a moment to share away. You simply never know how much a story like this one will affect someone else. It just might brighten up their whole day. To get a closer look at the bond that Jenny shares with her little chimpanzee baby, be sure to check out the video below. You just might end up having to dry your eyes by the time it is over, though!

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