Dog Gives Birth In Back Of Car Minutes After Being Rescued

Rebecca Lynch and her husband were on vacation in Georgia when they decided to make a stop. While most couples would be looking for a souvenir of some kind, they were looking to take home something a bit different. They were looking for something a tad more meaningful. Rebecca was well aware of the number of high kill animal shelters that are located in this state.

She wanted to make sure that she saved one of the neediest animals before heading back home. “I had space in my car and wanted to help,” she says. If only everyone felt the same way. We are glad to see that Rebecca and her husband are so willing to chip in. Lizzy is a terrier who was at risk of being euthanized. A friend of Rebecca’s in the area had let her know about the dog.

The poor dog had been dumped at the local shelter while she was pregnant. Poor Lizzy also had a broken leg. Rebecca knew that she could not allow the animal to continue to suffer. The drive back to Florida would be a long one. The couple decided that they would do everything in their power to make her more comfortable. They laid down a blanket and placed a bed in the backseat.

Rebecca’s husband did the driving while she consoled the dog. She just wanted to comfort her. She knew that the dog was nervous and understandably so. However, the couple believes that they may have made her a bit TOO comfortable. It only took about an hour for the dog to start to deliver her puppies right then and there! The first birth only took about 20 minutes or so.

But she was far from done. Rebecca wanted to make sure that she served as a midwife, allowing the births to go as smoothly as possible. By the time this new family was able to receive assistance at the vet’s office, Lizzy had already given birth to three puppies. She had another puppy once she arrived and another two arrived on the ride home.

She and the six puppies are resting comfortably at Rebecca’s house. They will be fostered at this location until suitable forever homes are found. Lizzy is one of the sweetest souls that you are ever going to meet. She is appreciative of the second chance that she has gotten. If this story touched your heart like it did ours, be sure to pass it along as soon as possible!

h/t: TheDodo

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