Rescue Cows Completely Mesmerized By Man Playing The Flute

Who doesn’t love to hear some great music on a bright, sunny day? Everyone does, of course. That’s what makes this story such a special one. One man in India recently decided to provide a group of cows with a beautiful song. The Animal Rahat sanctuary rescue cows were more than happy to hear the man’s tune. He treated them to the sounds of his flute and the cows came over to him immediately.

They couldn’t resist the sound of music and it is easy to see why. Once the cows made their way over, they even sat down to relax. The man was playing them a lullaby and the cows were enjoying every minute of it. The riveting performance drew quite a few onlookers. It did not take long before a whole group of cows had gathered to see what was going on.

One of the cows even decided to take their appreciation to the next level. If you are anything like us, you will be screaming with laughter once you find out what this cow did. They wanted the man to know that they appreciated his awesome performance. The cow was pleased with the tunes and did not want the man to go without being thanked.

There was only one way for them to show their appreciation: by giving the man a hearty nuzzle. This sanctuary is full of gratitude, though. It is full of animals that have been rescued from all sorts of terrible workaday jobs. Now, they are finally being given the chance to enjoy life. As you may have imagined, they have been quick to seize the day. We cannot get enough of their antics!

Animals are much like humans, in the sense that they each have unique personalities and are regularly moved by music. This is according to Dr. Naresh Chandra Upreti. Upreti works as the chief operating officer for Animal Rahat. He believes that animals should never be overworked and we strongly agree. It breaks our heart when we see animals who are deprived of the chance to live a normal life.

The animals that reside at this sanctuary have been suffering for years. Thanks to the efforts of good folks like Dr. Upreti, they are finally being given a much needed second chance. If you loved this flute player’s performance as much as we did, take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate it!

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