Teens Drop Everything To Help Rescue Squirrel Covered In Foam Insulation

Two teenagers were hanging out in New Brunswick, Canada and enjoying a normal day. They were in downtown St. Andrews at the time. The youngsters realized that there were a crowd of people gathered around a car. When they went to see what all of the hubbub was about, they found out that there was a squirrel in need of help. The animal was in dire straits and no one knew what to do.

Once the squirrel was removed from underneath the vehicle, the issue became much more obvious. The poor little fellow had gotten into some foam insulation. He had probably made his way into a home where the insulation was being installed and gotten himself stuck. Now, he was covered in the foam and unable to move as a result. Aidan Hart and Jaydon Pettipas knew that the animal was not long for this world.

If no one was willing to step in, the squirrel would likely perish. Luckily, Aidan and Jaydon were not about to let that happen. They fetched a milk crate from a local grocery store. From there, they contacted their friends and loved ones to see if they could learn more about how to help the animal. Dr. Melanie Eagan received a call from one of their mothers soon after.

She works with the St. George Veterinary Clinic. Of course, she was more than happy to help out. The clinic was a 21 mile drive from the location but the rescue group did not mind at all. They hoped that Dr. Eagan would be able to assist the animal. She was stunned that the animal was even alive. He had clearly been through a very trying ordeal.

According to the doctor, the squirrel was able to move a little bit but the majority of his body had been “literally cemented into place”. Our heart goes out to this poor little guy. The animal was sedated and after a lengthy process, all of the insulation was finally realized. “It took about an hour,” according to Dr. Eagan.

The squirrel had some missing fur patches and a few abrasions but was no worse for the wear otherwise. Once the squirrel got some much-needed rest, the good doctor was able to release him into the wild. He never would have survived without the help of these kind teenagers, though. If this story touched your heart as it did ours, be sure to pass it along!

h/t: The Dodo

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