Dog Has The Best Reaction After Bumping Into Her Groomer On The Street

Muffin and Lisa Granade have a very special connection. Lisa operates a well-known grooming business in the state of Washington and Muffin is one of her best customers. The dog stops by Happy at Home Pet Grooming any time she’s in need of a trim. Over time, these two have become very close friends. In the words of Lisa, “Muffin is a very goofy little girl! So affectionate!”

She loves it when this dog stops by and for good reason. We would love to spend time with Muffin, too. While these two love each other very much, they typically do not get to see one another unless Muffin has an appointment. That is what makes this encounter such a special one. Lisa was driving down the street recently when she saw her pal and her owner while they were out for a walk.

Of course, she had to stop and chat with Muffin before continuing with her day. Muffin did not quite know what to do, though. It was as if her mind was completely blown by the idea of seeing her groomer out and about in public. Her reaction reminds us of the way that we acted when we were little kids and saw our teachers out in public wearing street clothes.

As soon as Muffin heard Lisa calling out to her owner, she began to look around frantically. She knew that her friend was in the midst! The reaction that the dog had can only be described as total shock. We cannot stop laughing. Muffin did not realize that her groomer has a life outside of the only place that she has ever known. She got a valuable education on this day.

Lisa says that the dog was “totally bamboozled” and we understand why. Poor Muffin probably thought that someone was playing a trick on her. Lisa was sure to spend some time with Muffin, though. Once she realized that Lisa was only there to say hello, she began to settle down a little bit. This story is certainly a testament to the bond that Lisa has built with her clientele.

Muffin’s stunned and overjoyed reaction is absolutely priceless. If you are looking to brighten the days of your friends and loved ones, we urge you to share this awesome story as soon as possible. We cannot imagine anyone being able to read this story without breaking out into an ear to ear grin.

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