Dog Happily Takes Over FaceTime After His Mom Falls Asleep

You are about to meet Leo the dog. While he happens to be one of the most adorable Chihuahuas on the planet, he is also one of the most well mannered dogs that you are ever going to meet as well. Brookelyn Bilski is his mother and the two have a close bond. She has been talking to her new boyfriend Sam on FaceTime a lot more often these days, though.

This is something that is definitely not lost on Leo. Leo perches himself next to his mother for most of these calls. Recently, his mother began to fall asleep while she was on the phone with Sam. Once his mother finally drifted off to dreamland, Leo decided that he would simply pick up where she had left off. He walked over to his mother’s phone and resumed the conversation.

According to Sam, he had realized that Brookelyn had fallen asleep. The next thing he knew, the dog’s eyes were staring directly back into his. He took a screenshot of the dog’s hilarious gambit and now, the rest of the world is being given the chance to see Leo in action. If we had to guess, he was merely trying to hold his mother’s place, so that Sam would not think she had abandoned him.

What a thoughtful dog! Of course, the happy couple definitely appreciated Leo’s actions. Once Sam shared the screenshot with his Twitter followers, the post went viral immediately. The poor little fellow did not know that he had been turned into a meme. If we had to guess, we would have to guess that he would not actually mind too much.

Sam also says that he stayed on the line with the dog. He had a very deep conversation with Leo and the two have a much deeper understanding of each other now. We cannot even imagine how happy Leo must have been when he drifted off to sleep on this fateful night. People from all over the world were letting their friends and loved ones know what a good boy he is.

Now, it is your turn. Be sure to share this awesome story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. They are bound to enjoy the kindness that Leo and Sam showed to one another. These two have become fast friends and we look forward to hearing more about their conversations in the future!

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