Doorbell Cam Captures Two Labs Running Through Neighborhood For Help After Mom Suffers Stroke

When Maureen collapsed inside of her own home in the midst of suffering from a stroke, her prognosis was grim. There was no one else in the house who could help her. The only two family members that Maureen could rely on at this point were her dogs. She owned two Labradors who loved her very much. Bella and Sadie would need to save the day.

Maureen told the dogs that she could not move and that she was in need of help. Bella and Sadie were not about to let anything happen to Maureen on their watch. When a stroke takes place, every second matters. Any sort of delay or dawdling on part of emergency personnel can cost a victim the chance to regain brain function once the recovery process begins.

Delays can also be fatal in these instances. Maureen asked the animals for their help and they sprung into action immediately. These dogs knew that their mother’s life depended on their ability to help her. Bella and Sadie burst out of the front door with a sense of urgency that they do not normally show. The neighbors were immediately alerted.

They grabbed the attention of a woman named Alexandra. She knew that the dogs were trying to get her help and the footage was captured by the security camera that Maureen had installed. Alexandra realized that the dogs were trying their best to lead her back to their house. Once she arrived, she contacted 911 and got Maureen the help she needed.

The woman was unconscious by that time. Who knows what might have happened if the dogs had not been home at the time? While some would not expect two dogs to understand human urgency, these girls knew exactly what to do. Their heroic instincts kicked at the perfect moment. Bella and Sadie have saved the day and Maureen is forever grateful to them for doing so.

If you would like to check out this security camera footage for yourself, be sure to take a closer look at the clip from this amazing rescue. Anyone who doubts the level of emotional intelligence that dogs have will want to watch this video. Kudos to Bella and Sadie for stepping up to the plate. We hope that they got lots and lots of treats and belly rubs for their heroic actions! Please do not hesitate to pass this one along.

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