Dog Has Hilarious Reaction To Owner Picking Him Up At Kennel After Vacation

While most of us spend much of the year looking forward to our vacations, our four legged friends do not always share in this enthusiasm. Pet parents have to consider the needs of their fur babies before they leave town. Of course, any pet owner is going to feel guilty when they have to leave their loved one behind. No one likes to stop at the kennel.

Sadly, it is a necessary step. There are certain places that our pets cannot go and we wish that they could understand that. This is the dog of one dog who did not want his owner to leave without him. Hannibal was dropped off at the Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay and he was none too pleased with the arrangement. He was going to make sure that his owner knew how unhappy he was.

When the owner returned from their trip, they expected to see a dog who was happy to see them. This is not what happened, though. Hannibal is a very animated dog and his facial expressions are absolutely priceless. The pup was peeved and he did not care who knew it. All it took was one glare from the dog to convey the level of displeasure he was feeling.

We are right there with you, buddy. We fully understand where he is coming from and wish him all of the best when it comes to this guilt trip. He’s practiced his side eye, for sure. It is absolutely masterful. The way that he is looking at his owner says it all. He does not even seem as if he is all that eager to head back home. Maybe he wants to stay?

After all, if the owner is not willing to take the proper steps to spend time with him, what good is going back home anyways? His human tried his best to make him smile but he was not going to budge for anything. If his owner wanted to ditch him like this, they would need to be taught a serious lesson. The eyes followed him everywhere but the dog never moved.

If you are laughing at this story as hard as we are, you will definitely want to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. Anyone who is used to taking vacations without their pet is sure to relate to this one. Be sure to check out the video below as soon as possible!

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