Dying Man’s Last Wish For His Beloved Dog Has Come True

John was in the process of succumbing to ALS and most people would have been focused on their own affairs at this point in time. However, this selfless dog owner had just one request. He wanted to make sure that his senior dog Pawpaw was able to find a home. Fortunately, his wish came true in the nick of time. These two have been living together for the past two years.

They met at a shelter in San Francisco. The good folks at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue are responsible for this touching union. The two fell in love right away. As fellow seniors, it was easy for the two of them to relate to each other. John knew that this connection was not going to last forever, though. He was suffering from the aforementioned neurodegenerative disease.

As his illness started to worsen, he knew that he would need to find a home for his pal Pawpaw before it was too late. He was not going to be able to rest in peace until this objective had been fulfilled. We certainly understand where he is coming from. The two started the process of searching for a new home a few months back and we are happy to report that they have been successful.

Tim Belavich and Bernie Knobbe learned of their story and wanted to help. When a buddy of theirs read about Pawpaw’s plight, they passed the story along to Tim and Bernie. They had already rescued other dogs from the facility in the past. These men would even send out Christmas cards with photos of their rescue babies included. Tim and Bernie knew they had to help Pawpaw right away.

Pawpaw met them at their home in March and it was love at first sight. The three of them clicked immediately. John was even able to speak to Bernie. It was not long before John passed away. He sensed that his business was done. He was laid to rest soon after and when he moved on to a better place, he was able to do so with the proper peace of mind.

He knew that his best pal was going to be well taken care of in his absence. Pawpaw has now moved on to the next phase of his life as well. He is getting along fabulously with Tim and Bernie. We hope that more people are willing to give senior dogs a chance. If you would like to assist more dogs like Pawpaw, be sure to offer a generous donation to the Muttville Dog Rescue as soon as possible!

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