Dog Hears Whimpering From Cage That Is Half-Submerged In Water, Leaps In To Save A Life

In most instances, we hear about an animal rescue story and assume that there is a human that we should be giving all of the credit to. The story that Jennifer Vaz has to tell is completely different from the norm, though. In her mind, the dog is the one who deserves all of the credit. Molly the boxer is the true hero of this story and it will definitely warm your heart.

Molly and Jennifer are from New Jersey. One day, they took a trip to Veterans Memorial Park and this is a journey that they make on a regular basis. There was something different about this one, however. Molly sensed danger and began to pull her owner closer and closer to the edge of the water. After a few moments, the two began to hear telltale signs of distress.

What they were hearing as a whimpering animal. A wire cage had been carelessly tossed into the water and from the looks of it, the tide was beginning to rise. If Molly and Jennifer did not come along when they did, who knows what would have happened to this poor dog? No one even seemed to know that the dog was trapped in this location and that makes this story even more sad.

Why would someone choose to dispose of an animal is such a callous and horrific manner? There are no shortage of shelters that are happy to take animals in when humans can no longer take care of them. While Jennifer tried to let the abandoned puppy know that she was there to help, the animal did not immediately respond. It took a little bit of love from Molly to save the day!

Once she made her way to the cage and licked the puppy’s face, the animal knew that help had arrived. The puppy was unharmed and Jennifer brought the animal to the Highlands Police Department. Aaron Davis was found to be the culprit and as you may have expected, it did not take long for his mugshot to go viral. He surrendered himself to the authorities almost immediately.

Jennifer has named the puppy River and is fostering the dog until a forever home can be found. In a happy twist ending, the Monmouth County SPCA will soon provide the go ahead for Jennifer to become the dog’s full time mommy and she believes that this is the right decision to make. Please be sure to share this heartwarming story with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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