Burger King’s Act Of Kindness For Dying Dog Goes Viral

Random acts of kindness do not occur often enough, in our humble opinion. That is why it is important that we take the time to spread the word as soon as they take place. Be sure to have your tissues handy for this one, though. You are definitely going to shed a few tears. Alec and his family stopped by a Toledo Burger King and placed a commonplace order.

When they asked for a plain cheeseburger that did not have any additional condiments, the lady behind the counter wanted to know why. Alec explained that the burger was going to be fed to their dog. Sadly, Cody had been diagnosed with a form of bone cancer and they were purchasing the burger for him so that he could enjoy a special treat as a means of easing his suffering.

Since he was in the final stretch of his life, his family decided that they would do everything in their power to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible. If that meant buying him his own burger when they went out to eat, so be it. We are sure that if you were to ask a dog what their one wish would be, they would ask for all of the cheeseburgers that they could possibly eat.

It is great to see this family going the extra mile to make sure that Cody’s last days are spent living life to the absolute fullest. This would already be an amazing act of kindness by itself but the Burger King cashier who took the order decided to take it to another level. She brought them the food and then asked them to wait for just a moment.

When she came back, she let the family know that she had talked to the manager. All of the rest of Cody’s burgers would be on the house at this location. This meant to the world to this family. Alec decided that the world should know what had taken place and he took to Twitter to share the story.

Burger King was more than happy to assist him and we are more than happy to share this story with those who have yet to hear about it. Please take the time to spread the good cheer by passing this story along. After all, we do not get the chance to see positive tales like these often enough!

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