Owner Decided To Euthanize Pregnant Cat But Vet Refuses To Give Up

Chi Chi was having some medical issues recently and to be perfectly honest, her owners seemed to be making the right choice when they gave the cat away to animal control. Treating blood clots is often difficult for the average human. When we are unable to assist an animal any longer, we should always surrender them to someone who will have the ability to do so.

The vet who was responsible for Chi Chi’s care decided that they were not going to give up on the cat. Since she had already given birth to a litter of kittens, they wanted to do everything that they could to help her. Her babies would be helpless without her. In their minds, the best thing that they could do was give her a chance to take care of them so that they would not be motherless.

Chi Chi was going to be given a well deserved second chance at life! No euthanizing for this cat. The vets were happy to take her under their wing and she started to show signs of recovery in no time. In less than two weeks, she was almost as good as new. Her four kittens were taken in by a foster mother named Barb in the meantime and given a great home to live in.

Barb’s updates were beyond adorable. Watching these kittens receive the tender, loving care that they deserve is too much fun. Chi Chi was soon ready to take on the responsibilities of motherhood again and she went to Barb’s house to relieve her of her post. Her maternal instincts had not gone anywhere and she was ready to be the best mom that she could be.

There was just one problem: she was not able to produce any milk for her babies. She had to return to the local SPCA for some additional treatment before she could handle the milk production process again. While Chi Chi may never be able to resume full parenting duties, she is going to be given the chance to live in a forever home where she will be truly loved and appreciated.

Barb is going to continue to foster the babies until they are ready for adoption. If you would like to see the video clip of Chi Chi being reunited with her babies, please be sure to check out the link below.

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