Dog Is Separated From Cow That Raised Him – Watch The Tear-Jerking Moment They’re Reunited

Animals are not always considered to be the most empathetic creatures walking the planet. Many humans allow themselves to believe that they are the only ones who are capable of such feelings. Meanwhile, there are stories taking place every day that disprove this silly notion. They think and feel in ways that humans cannot even imagine. Look at the dog and cow in this story, for instance.

While most would not expect animals of differing species to get along this well, those who know these two best know otherwise. The family in this story had the chance to witness something truly amazing. Those who do not believe that animals are capable of feeling sorrow will definitely be proven wrong today. This dog had formed a very close bond with the cow.

You see, the cow had stepped in to take care of the dog when their mother could not. The cow acted like a mother when the puppy needed one the most. As a result, they had an extremely tight bond. It was not the sort of bond that could be broken over the course of time. As we all know, there are certain bonds that are always going to last forever.

This is especially true of the people who are responsible for raising us. We never forget the bonds that we build in these situations and pets are certainly no different. The cow was eventually sold away and this is when the bond was truly put to the test. Rookie is a smaller dog who loves to run around and play. A larger, brown cow was his trusted companion, though. She would always look after him.

Rookie was filled with grief when he realized that his friend was gone. He simply did not know what to do with himself. He howled and paced around, hoping that his mother would hear him and come back to him. Rookie eventually discovered that his mother was staying up the street, at another stall. He took off as fast as he could once he heard her familiar moo.

Would you like to see this amazing interaction for yourself? If so, it is time to take a closer look at the video below. This display of raw emotion had us reaching for the tissue box and we bet that you will, too. Please be sure to pass this amazing reunion along to your closest friends and loved ones!

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