Man Hears A Knock At His Door And Finds A Bunch Of Animals Outside

JP Brammer was spending his Saturday morning relaxing, just like anyone else would be doing in his situation. However, he started to hear strange noises outside of his apartment door and knew that he needed to investigate. What he saw once he looked outside will definitely stun you. He took one peek and saw three animals staring back at him.

There were two dogs and a cat, just chilling by his door. He had heard the dogs in the past and assumed that they were just his upstairs neighbors. JP acknowledges that part of him was already well aware that something interesting was about to happen. He decided to share photos of the interactions with his Twitter followers. JP was in a state of total disbelief and did not know what else to do.

When you hear a knock at the door, you answer the call. This is especially true when there are adorable animals waiting on the other side. While JP did not quite know what to do in this scenario, he was more than willing to take the time to get to know the animals. The dogs were eagerly wagging their tails at him and the cat seemed to be a bit more eager to come inside.

It was clear to see that the cat had some other plans in mind for this home. She slipped into the home without even asking first. In her mind, this was going to be her new residence and she did not have time to ask questions. These animals did not have any intentions of returning to where they came from. This was going to be their new home and JP would just have to get on board with that.

Fortunately, there was a good explanation for what was taking place. JP knew that the animals had to belong to someone in the building. The people upstairs had left their doors open and allowed the animals to escape. This did not bother JP in the slightest. He was more than happy to spend time with the animals and was even able to coax the dogs back home.

The cat was another story. Meanwhile, the dogs had managed to figure out how to open their apartment door, so that they could leave the residence and come back at their leisure. To find out more about this awesome story, please be sure to check out the videos that JP was willing to share with his Twitter followers. We cannot get enough of these hilarious animals and their silly antics.

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