Dog Left To Freeze And Starve To Death Inside A Taped-Up Box

April Pelland came across a scene that she described as being truly disturbing recently. The tiny Westie Cross that she located was in a terrible position. The small, white dog was found in a ditch. Someone had put the animal in a box and decided to throw them away. The animal would have died on the side of a Canadian highway if April had not been willing to intervene.

So many people drove past the box and didn’t even give a second glance. These people ought to be ashamed of themselves. Citizens need to come together at times like these, instead of being so willing to simply look the other way. April was not able to wrap her head around the idea of someone doing something this abominable. To tell the truth, we can’t either.

She works with the good people at Save A Dog Network Canada and received a call about the dog in question from a Rural Municipality of Ritchot Councillor. They wanted to know if she would be willing to save the dog. Once he was finally taken home, he was given a new name: Gimli. April decided to officially adopt him and now he is living peace and harmony.

He gets along beautifully with all of April’s other animals and there is no strife to report. All of her cats and dogs love Gimli. They are happy to share their home with him. Gimli did not allow his troubled past to turn him into an aggressive animal. He is still as happy and friendly as he ever was. He’s great with her cats and a true friend to all.

While he was a bit dirty when he was found, he was no worse for the wear. April is now trying to track down additional information about Gimli. She wants to know who is responsible for Gimli’s predicament. With any luck, she will be able to learn more about their identity. We hope that they are brought to justice for their cruel and disgusting behavior.

Why people choose to throw dogs away is beyond us. There are no shortage of shelters that are ready and willing to assist those who cannot care for their pets anymore. Those who reside in the country (like April) are getting tired of seeing this type of story. Share this story to raise awareness about this all too common behavior.


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