Dog Was Left At Shelter When Her Family Moved And Left Her Behind

When this New York family decided to move and ditch their dogs in the process, they justified the decision in any way that they had to. This is what people who abandon their pets do. They find a reason to shirk their responsibilities and move on with their lives, without a worry or care. At least this family took the time to actually bring their pets to the shelter.

A lot of families would have just left them to fend for themselves. One of the dogs was adopted almost immediately but their sister was left behind. Envy is described as a sweet dog but she was struggling to find a home. She was left waiting at the shelter and no one seemed to want to take an interest in her plight. Her caretakers are also puzzled.

Just imagine how depressing it must be for a dog like Envy to live in a shelter. Every day, potential new owners walk in and every day, they walk out without giving her a chance. This would be enough to make most animals give up. The shelter workers do not know much about Envy’s past but it is clear to see that she had a hard life before she arrived.

She lived outdoors for most of her life and was bred several times over the years. She was not spayed and she does not have a microchip. Poor Envy was never well taken care of. That is why she deserves the chance to live with a family that knows how to treat their animals. Sadly, she caught a cold and was placed on the euthanasia list.

This decision had to be made in order to keep the other dogs protected from harm. She was an hour away from being put to sleep when fate intervened. New York Bully Crew had her placed in foster care. Kabrina Marchant took her in, just in the nick of time. She is now known as Hazel and this is a much better name, in our humble opinion.

Hazel is affectionate and Kabrina says that teaching her commands was shockingly easy. This is especially noteworthy when you stop to consider the fact that she has never been taught any sort of command in the past. Now, she needs a forever home. Please be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones. Reach out to New York Bully Crew if you would like to give her a new home.

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ENVY UPDATE????Beautiful Envy is a lovely girl and is making great progress with her health and her manners! We are looking for a foster or better yet, adopter for Miss Envy! Please help NYBC and consider helping so we can continue to save more lives! ????Please consider applying to adopt or foster or contributing to Envy’s care and medicine. To apply or donate, please visit Saved From Shelters at ????Envy left Brooklyn ACC and took her Freedom Ride to our amazing fosters-@pibbles_plantation!  She had a terrible upper respiratory infection so she will be isolated until she is feeling better. Because of her condition, she was AT RISK, but lucky for Envy, NYBC was able to commit to her and get her a life saving foster home.  Envy was surrendered by her owner due to relocating their residence a unable to take her with them. Envy is a stunning tri-color female that came from a pet store. We are told that Envy loves balls and toys and have a wrinkly, wiggle butt! #envynybc #savedfromshelters #savepits #adoptdontshop #nybcfosters

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If you’re interested in adopting Hazel, you can contact New York Bully Crew.

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