Dog-Opoly Is Like Monopoly Except You Buy Dogs Instead Of Property

Monopoly is the type of game that can bring out our bad sides. It is so cutthroat and every family has the one person who is ready to flip over the board as soon as they are bankrupted. Still, the game can be a lot of fun and now it has a new twist. Instead of pitting family member against family member in a battle that teaches us all a good lesson about capitalism’s pitfalls, there is a whole new way to play.

A kinder, gentler version of Monopoly is now available. The stakes are a bit lower and you will not have the chance to bankrupt your family members. With the release of Dog Monopoly, those who are looking for something a bit more innocent are now in luck. Instead of buying properties and trying to find an edge any way you can, you can now collect dogs.

This adorable stocking stuffer is sure to be a big hit in any household this Christmas. Of course, the game had to be called Dog-opoly for short. The game is already available for purchase on Amazon and those who reside in Great Britain can enjoy free delivery. Those who enjoy the ruthless nature of Monopoly may be let down.

The dog lovers out there are already offering rave reviews, though. Who wouldn’t like the chance to buy some of their favorite dogs and own friendly neighborhood properties? You would have to be a true monster. While there are a few twists, the general gist of the game is the same. It is easy to pick up and learn. You will be an expert in no time.

What a perfect holiday gift for all ages. This game may not descend into conflict as quickly as the regular version of Monopoly but that may be for the best. It is not overly childish and people of all ages will enjoy playing. Anyone who is familiar with the Horse-opoly version is sure to get a major kick out of this. Even the harshest critics agree.

In the meantime, be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones who find themselves in search of awesome gift ideas this Christmas. This is the type of gift that no one is ever going to see coming. We just hope that your games remain as friendly and fun as the creators intended.


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