Dog Is So Overwhelmed With Joy When She Sees Her ‘Human’ Again That She Passes Out

Dogs have the sort of loyalty that we truly envy. There is no limit to the level of loyalty that they are willing to display. Even if their humans leave them for extended periods of time, they are still going to stay close. Anyone who has seen the Futurama episode where Fry’s dog lays in wait for him, years after he has been zapped into the future, knows what we are talking about.

While this cartoon may not be autobiographical, it is not far from the truth. Our dogs are never going to allow themselves to lose sight of what is truly important to them. Rebecca Ehalt was forced to leave her dog behind when she found a job opportunity in Slovenia. Like any dog owner, she found herself worried about the time apart. Would the dog even still remember her?

This is a common question that dog owners will have. Even the most loyal dog would probably struggle to remember an owner that has been away for that long, right? Rebecca’s worries would eventually turn out to be all for naught but she did not know that before she arrived back home. She has a Schnauzer named Casey and she had no idea how much the dog had missed her.

Casey’s reaction to Rebecca’s return is priceless. Most readers would have expected the dog to be happy, wag her tail and such. Casey took it one step further. Can you believe that this dog actually fainted when her mother finally came home? We are trying to wrack our brains and we cannot think of another time that we ever watched a dog pass out like this.

Not to worry, though. Rebecca was sure to take the dog to the vet’s office soon after. Casey received a clean bill of health and we are happy to report that she is perfectly okay. She did give her mother quite the scare. The joy was too overwhelming for the dog to handle. We might have expected Rebecca to be a bit faint but not Casey!

This is the sort of video that definitely needs to be shared with a wider audience. Casey’s happiness is well earned and we are glad that her loyalty was rewarded. With any luck, she and Rebecca will never have to be apart for this long ever again. We wish them all of the best going forward!

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