Special Needs Dog Waited Months For Dad To Return, Shocks Family When The Door Opens

Emma is a special needs dog and she was recently forced to spend a significant period of time without her beloved father. The pitbull and American Bulldog is fiercely loyal to her papa and she dutifully waited for his return. However, the special needs dog is not like the other dogs in one crucial sense: she does not typically like to greet her father at the door.

Her brothers Jesse and Mikey have no problem doing so but she likes to abstain. That is just who Emma is and her father still loves her all the same. Sadly, she was born with a rare birth defect that would forever alter the course of her life. Emma was diagnosed with Hemivertebrae. She experiences a number of neurological and spinal problems.

Melissa is Emma’s mother and she has taken to social media to tell her fur baby’s story. The family had adopted Emma not long before her husband left for a tour of duty. She and her father were quite close. The dog was heartbroken when her father first left. When her parents come through the door, she typically likes to wait to be picked up.

All of that went out the window once her dad returned home. Instead of waiting for her daddy to come and pick her up, she sprinted in his direction. This is the very first time that she had chosen to do so. Melissa loves the dog’s spirit. She considers her to very inspirational. This video definitely makes it easy to see why she would think that way.

Just try and watch this clip without catching all of the feels….we dare you. Did you know that you can actually help Emma and other dogs just like her? All you need to do is watch and share this video. Every time the clip is viewed, the special needs animal rescue that was responsible for Emma’s placement will receive a donation.

Watching cute animals and making a donation at the same time? Sign us up. Emma’s daily medicine can be quite expensive and she needs all of the help that she can get. That’s why we need you to take time out and share this clip. All it takes a single view to potentially change a dog’s life. This is one of the most touching clips that we have ever seen. Please share away, everyone.

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