Dog Passes Away After Eating Brownies With Artificial Sweeteners

The dog in this story has lost their life, due to a tragic development. As it turns out, the animal passed away because they ingested brownies that contained a sweetener that is fatal to dogs. She was a Hungarian Vizsla named Ruby. Poor Ruby thought that she was swiping a delicious treat but before long, the pooch found herself on life support.

That is because the pilfered brownies contained Xylitol. When a dog happens to ingest this sweetener, they will often experience liver failure. She was found ill within two days of consuming the brownies and succumbed to her condition shortly after. Her mother Kate did her absolute best to save the dog. She contributed £10,000 to the dog’s recovery process.

Despite her best efforts, there was nothing that could be done for Ruby. She passed away a mere eight days after her illness was first discovered. Kate is looking to share this story as a means of warning other dog owners about the difficulties that can take place. She does not want any other dog owners to have to bury their pet because of something so avoidable.

Awareness must be raised in these instances. Kate says that she is lost without Ruby. She has had the dog ever since she was a puppy. To make matters even worse, Kate says that she was only using the substitute sweetener as a means of curbing her own cravings for sugar. Ruby did not show any signs of becoming ill at first and it took a few days for symptoms to become noticeable.

She had no idea how dangerous the consumption of a natural sweeteners could be for a dog. Seeing the photos of Ruby on life support is still enough to make her cry. We are having a hard time looking at these photos ourselves, if we are being perfectly honest. Kate did not realize the dangers because Ruby had eaten other brownies in the past, with no ill effects.

Please take a moment to share this story with all of the dog owners out there. All it takes is one second to potentially save an animal’s life. Our heart goes out to Kate at this time. We hope and pray that Ruby is resting in peace and that Kate is able to find the solace that she needs. In the meantime, let’s all do our part and pass this story along to our closest friends and loved ones.

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