Dog Reunited With Owner Slowly Recognizes Dad After Years In Shelter

Pakita is a dog who is finally being reunited with her loved ones after being forced to spend a serious amount of time away from them. Sadly, she escaped from her forever home against their will. Once she was gone, she could not find her way back. She lived on the streets as a stray dog for an extended period afterwards. Arca Animal Refuge finally stepped up to the plate.

The shelter was no substitute for the family that she knew and loved, though. Since Pakita was an older dog, there were not many families that were willing to take her in. Most people tend to want a puppy or a younger dog that has a higher level of energy. Pakita is at a point in her life where she simply wants to relax and take life easy, though.

This is understandable. The Argentine rescue facility was not willing to lose the faith in the meantime. They were going to keep on trying until they were able to find her a home. It took two years for the right people to notice the ads that the shelter was posting but all of their efforts were not in vain. Pakita’s grandmother saw the ads and let her family know what was going on.

Her son was the first person that she contacted. Once the shelter heard from the family, they set about the task of making sure that they were reunited as quickly as possible. The owner was contacted and the necessary arrangements were made. This set the scene for one of the most touching reunions that you are ever going to see. We have been hit square in the feels.

When Pakita was first reunited with her mother, she was very nervous. Once she actually recognizes her owner, all of these feelings start to fade away. The tails begins wagging and it is clear to see that she is very excited. They are going to get in all of the kisses and cuddles that they need to. These two have a lot of lost time to make up for.

We hope that these two are never forced to spend another moment apart. Be sure to check out the clip of this reunion below and pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. This is one video that we are going to want to watch over and over again.

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