Newlyweds Are Now Taking ‘Solomoons’ Without Their Spouses Because They Can’t Agree Where To Go

The latest wedding trend is separate honeymoons. Yes, that is correct, couples are opting to take a vacation either solo or with friends directly following their wedding. According to a New York Times recent report, “solomoons” or “unimoons” are all the rage as there are thousands of evidentiary photos on Instagram showing newlyweds enjoy their time apart as spouses. For example, Irene O’Brien went to visit her friend in Toronto after she got married while her husband went to France with friends to watch the European Soccer Championship.

“Neither of us wanted to be where the other one was,” Irene told the Times. “We each came back to Dublin full of stories, buzzing of our trips and truly delighted to see each other again to share the memories: It was the perfect imperfect honeymoon.”

For some couples they say that the solomoons provide space and independence after a stressful period of wedding planning. While other couples struggling with overlapping work schedules and enjoy the flexibility of being able to plan a solomoon with ease. While other couples are simply using this as a way to rebel against traditional marriage institutions.

“Frankly, the idea of separate honeymoons may signal the continued evolution of marriage,” an online dating expert, Jessica Carbino, told the Times. “Given the recognition that for most couples today, marriage and partnership is considered all-consuming, with the partner needing to fullfill every role — physical, spiritual, emotional and sexual — perhaps separate vacations is a recognition among some couples that all expectations cannot be met by a single person.”

On the other hand, there are still many people who believe a solomoon isn’t exactly a great idea to starting a new marriage, or that it isn’t great to call it a reimagined honeymoon and just call it what it is: a regular vacation. What do you guys think? 

NYT: Newlyweds Going on Separate Honeymoons

According to the New York Times, a new trend for newlyweds is going on separate honeymoons! Seriously?

Posted by Fox & Friends on Saturday, March 16, 2019

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