Dog Is So Scared In Shelter After Family Dumps Him For Being ‘Too Old’

When this dog was unceremoniously dumped at the Lancaster Animal Care Center, these Los Angeles staffers had no idea what to expect. The animal was not left with them for any serious or pressing reason. All the owners would say is that the dog was “too old”. Choco arrived at the facility late last month and immediately drew a great deal of pity because he looked confused about his circumstances.

The staff decided that they would allow him to remain in the medical ward because it was much more quiet and peaceful at this location. This decision would keep him safe from all of the typical stress and hubbub. The only problem with this choice was that it would keep Choco away from all of the people who could see him and provide him with a new forever home.

Rita Earl Blackwell is a photographer and when she visited the premises, this is when everything started to change for Choco. She was very taken with the dog. What stood out most to her were his sad and worried eyes. He is also a very quiet and very sweet dog. Her heart broke to see him trapped in the medical ward of an animal shelter like this.

Finding out that there was nothing medically wrong with the dog only made the photographer feel worse. No one ever wants to hear about a dog being cast aside just for the crime of aging. When the dog finally received some much needed attention from Rita, he started to perk up a bit. Blackwell took some pictures of the dog and posted them online.

They received an immediate response. A Purposeful Rescue’s founder saw the pictures and pulled the dog out of the shelter within days. Hillary Rosen is responsible for his removal and once he arrived the new location, his name was changed to Toast. Some minor medical problems were found and once they are fixed, it will be time for Toast to head to his new (and hopefully final) home.

Thanks to Blackwell’s photos, Toast will now get to enjoy a much better life than ever before. Pictures are truly an important form of communication, aren’t they? If you would like to step up to the plate and offer Toast a home, please be sure to contact the good people at A Purposeful Rescue as soon as possible.

***UPDATE – RESCUED BY A Purposeful Rescue *** <3 LOS ANGELES ***PLEASE SHARE / TAGCHOCO ???? #A5210935 13yo Male 22lbs. This little tootsie roll is so sweet. He was surrendered to the shelter, ‘too old’ , but that just means to me that he’s got a second chance to have great love ???? adopting a senior dog is the best. This peanut is in the medical department receiving extra care, but is UNSEEN any the public. Please tag adopters or Rescue. Available at the County of Los Angeles – Lancaster Animal Care CenterSHELTER PHONE: (661) 940-4191

Posted by Rita Earl Blackwell on Saturday, September 8, 2018

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