Puppy Tries So Hard To Share His Toy With The Dog In The Mirror

Ozzie might still be a tiny pup but he has got more than enough heart to go around. He is just three months old but his owner Emma is already head over heels in love with him. He is the sweetest dog and she loves telling the world about his kindness. Ozzie’s first instinct is to show love and then ask questions later. This mentality has led to some adorable moments.

Our pal here was taking a stroll through his house when he entered a room that was full of mirrors. It is important to mention that he was carrying a stuffed panda with him at the time. This is his favorite toy. If anyone has ever seen their dog become baffled by the presence of a mirror, you probably know what happened next. There was a bit of a standoff.

Dogs are not aware of the magic of mirrors. This simple confusion can lead to some of the most adorably heart melting moments that you have ever seen. Ozzie simply wanted to offer his toy to the new dog that he saw in the mirror. He was definitely confused by the fact that the other dog also seemed to be offering the same exact toy.

When Emma saw what was taking place in front of her very eyes, she knew that she had to document it. We are certainly glad that she did. This is one of the most touching things that we have seen in a very long time. With a puppy like this on her hands, she is sure to experience plenty of awesome moments. That’s just part of being a puppy parent!

In the meantime, we hope someone is willing to explain the concept of mirrors to this poor little fellow. We would hate to see all of his kindness go for naught. He believes that sharing is caring and did not mind giving his toy to another dog for a second. It is not his fault that he did not know that the other dog was not actually a real one.

We are still giving him the credit for being kind anyways. According to Emma, everyone should have a dog to call their own. She believes that they make life better and we cannot argue with her impeccable logic. We wish her and Ozzie all of the best going forward.

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