Fearless Dog Stands Up To Leopard After An Attack In The Woods

While we are typically willing to give dogs credit for being our best pals, we do not always give them the proper level of credit for how fearless they are. The level of protection that dogs have to offer is commendable. They will do anything to make sure that their owners are able to remain safe from harm at all times. Dogs are here for more than just emotional support.

Sadly, the Internet has a way to over simplifying things. We see dogs reduced to meme status on an everyday basis. This can cause some of us to lose sight of the warrior’s mentality that every dog possesses deep down inside. We are overly patronizing to our dogs. We treat them as our dopey pals instead of realizing what they are truly capable of when the chips are down.

That is why dogs are chosen to work some of our toughest jobs. They are our firefighters and police officers. They are our service dogs, making sure that their humans are able to get through another day. If you would like to learn more about the true level of fearlessness that a dog can possess, you will definitely want to check out the video below.

This story takes place in India. A Golden Labrador is out for a stroll when they counter a leopard. Most would probably choose the leopard when it comes to hand to hand combat. This is a fairly wise choice. After all, leopards are some of the most formidable creatures that the jungle has to offer. Many would assume that the dog did not fare well in this confrontation.

We are here to tell you that this fearless pup was more than able to hold his own. Who would have thought that this dog would have even a puncher’s chance against the leopard? The leopard attempted to attack and the dog simply used his ninja moves to evade the animal immediately. From there, the dog began to viciously bark at the jungle cat.

The leopard became afraid and ran off. This is a tough story to believe but the park officials were on hand have the film to prove it. This dog’s display of courage definitely needs to be shared with a wider audience. As we all know, it is never the size of the dog that is in the fight. It is the size of the fight in the dog that saves the day!

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