Huge Line Of People Show Up To Save Dogs Rescued From The Hurricane

When Ali agreed to foster one of the many dogs that was affected by the arrival at Hurricane Florence, she never could have expected what the scene would look like when she made her way to the drop off location. As it turns out, she was far from the only one who had decided to offer their home to a dog in need. She was stunned by the turnout!

The line was quite long and more people were filling in behind her while she waited. It seemed as if the whole community had rallied together to assist these dogs. Seeing this many people who were willing to rise up and meet the need for temporary foster parenting fills our hearts with pride. There truly are some great people in the world if we know where to look.

This gathering was put together by the great people at Saving Grace. This shelter in located in Wake Forest and they worked tirelessly to make sure that all of the local animals would be able to receive shelter from the storm. This plan is merely just an extension of their “weekend host” program, where local residents who are able to open their homes over the short term can help out if they would like to.

These are the same people that Saving Grace reaches out to when emergencies take place. Ali was given the chance to take a dog named Floyd home for the weekend and she was initially worried as to how he was going to fit in with her existing family. As it turns out, she had absolutely nothing to worry about at all. Floyd is a wonderful puppy who is equally fine with playing and chilling out.

The four month old made fast friends with Ali’s other dogs. He is very well behaved for his age. Ali even tweeted about her delight. She was stunned when the tweet went viral. She is beyond moved by the number of people who saw fit to let her know that she was restoring their faith in humanity. Thanks to her efforts (and everyone else’s), the shelter now has room to assist even more dogs.

The work is not over once Florence passes through, though. If you would like to assist dogs who are homeless in the North Carolina region, be sure to contact Saving Grace to find out more. They can always use additional volunteers who are also willing to provide donations.

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