Dog Shows Her Love For Unborn Baby Sister And It’s So Cute You Might Cry

Anyone who uses the Internet for more than five minutes per day has probably seen more than a few cute dogs. Who can resist the joys of sharing pictures of our canines with our closest friends and loved ones? Everyone loves to see pictures of dogs and we are certainly no different. Babies also tend to fall into the exact same category and when they come together? Oh boy.

There is one dog who is a bit more special than all of the others, though. She is a dog who knows how to show love in a very important way. Her mother Juliana is pregnant and while some might believe that dogs do not understand human pregnancy, this animal is showing a level of empathy that few could match. Her name is Penelope and this pup has stolen our hearts.

Penelope is well aware of what is taking place inside of her mother’s stomach. She is also not shy about letting the world know about it. She loves nothing more than to cuddle up by her mother’s tummy and give the unborn lots and lots of nuzzles. The level of affection that she has for Juliana and the baby is quite the sight to behold and we cannot get enough of her antics.

The level of love and attention that Penelope is giving this baby before she is even born is melting our hearts. Dog and baby photos have long been a staple of the Internet but this one is something else. From the looks of it, Penelope is well aware that her family is receiving a new addition. She is going to make sure that the baby feels welcome even before they arrive.

This is the type of story that makes us realize just how smart dogs can be. There is no way to explain these concepts to an animal and yet Penelope understands instinctively. The only problem that Penelope will have now is waiting to meet her new pal. We are more than sure that they will become fast friends and we hope that Juliana isn’t stingy with the photo updates.

In the meantime, please be sure to share this story with all of the dog owners that you know. If anyone can appreciate the love and care that Penelope is showing, it is a fellow dog owner. What an adorable pair these two will make!

Minha mamãe está grávida da minha irmãzinha, está com 34 semanas e eu só quero dar carinho para ela … irmão de 4 patas ???? Penélope Charmosa

Posted by Fox Paulistinha on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

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