Mom Accused Of Child Abuse For Letting Her Son Do The ‘Cocoa Powder’ Challenge In Viral Video

Nowadays, it can seem like almost anything that someone does will constitute child abuse. There are also a bevy of online challenges that are somewhat cringe-worthy. When these two concepts recently came together, one mother was actually accused of child abuse. Her little boy decided that he wanted to eat unsweetened cocoa powder and she elected to let him do it.

How else was he going to learn that this powder is actually nowhere near as delicious as it seems to be? The video is sure to inspire some mixed opinions. There are some who will simply be able to laugh and there are others who are going to find these actions to be somewhat abusive. It is the type of decision that we all have to make for ourselves.

No one can tell someone else how to raise their children….within reason, of course. When a child insists on tasting something that is not good for them, the natural instinct is to forbid them from doing so. However, this mother decided that she was going to put an end to this issue once and for all by allowing the boy to have a spoonful of what he assumed to be delicious cocoa.

Once the boy gets his long awaited taste of the powder, what we already know becomes more than obvious to him. The powder is clearly very bitter to the taste and his eyes well up with tears. We are going to go out on a huge limb and guess that he will never want to taste it again. We are also not sure what is actually abusive about allowing him to find out for himself.

Let’s face the facts here: kids tend to be quite sneaky in nature. He was probably going to try and eat the cocoa powder eventually anyways. This mother is smart to make sure that she was present for his taste test. Who knows what may have happened otherwise? Of course, the Internet was ready to take sides and turn this into a battle royale about the ins and outs of parenting.

Take a look at this clip and decide for yourself. Experience is a great teacher and we hope that this boy was able to learn his lesson. Kids are constantly trying to taste the strangest things and this boy is no exception. Please be sure to pass this clip along so that you can learn more about this mother’s rationale for her decision.

Kid eats cocoa powder

This kid DEMANDED to try cocoa powder straight from the tub… Wait for it ????????

Posted by VT on Sunday, September 2, 2018

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