Young Girl Rushed To The Hospital After Claire’s Accessories Ear Piercing Goes Wrong

Anyone who has ever had a daughter is probably well aware of their desire to have their ears pierced. Every birthday and Christmas seems to come with that same request. That is what makes this story so easy to relate to for parents everywhere. Ear piercings tend to be rather common for little girls and most parents will eventually decide to give in to their requests.

It is hard to say no to our little ones at times, isn’t it? Even if the children are nervous about the process, their desire to have pierced ears outweighs their level of fear when it comes to the pain that they will experience. One of the worst case scenarios in these instances is an infected ear. In some cases, a child will simply decide to let the hole close up because they do not wish to deal with the suffering.

These stories happen to be very common. Most parents do not end up having to rush their children to the hospital because of these issues. This is not what happened to this family, though. When Suzie allowed her daughter Lily to pierce her ears, she never could have expected what was going to happen next. The piercing took place at the Harlow, North London Claire’s branch.

After a few weeks had gone by and Suzie had adhered to all of the cleaning rules that she was given, she realized that the child’s earring was firmly embedded inside of her skin. The earring could not be moved in any way. There was no pushing it backwards and it would not come forward in the slightest. Sadly, the family was forced to bring the child to the local hospital.

Lily was given a sedative and the earring was finally removed. A scalpel was needed and the child felt the pain when the needle was inserted in her ear. No child should ever have to go through this and no parent should ever be forced to watch their little one suffer. Suzie believes that Claire’s is to blame for what has taken place.

She was told that the wound would be healed within three weeks. In reality, these wounds will require at least six weeks in order to reach full healing. Claire’s released a statement and is standing by their equipment (as well as their advice). Parents, be sure to pass this story along to your friends and loved ones. You just might save another little girl from an immensely painful experience.

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