Dog Is Supposed To Be Guarding The Sheep But His “Work Ethic” Has Internet In Stitches

Humans are wonderful and we wouldn’t be where we are without the love and support of our loved ones. Dogs are capable of providing the same support, however. Whenever we see a dog in any sort of unexpected situation, it warms our hearts. The Internet is always happy to share these sorts of clips. Do you remember the classic video where the dog starts to befriend a herd of sheep?

Of course you do. The “sheep dog” was simply out there trying his best and that is the best that any of us can hope for. As for this big, fluffy fellow, his willingness to head into the water to perform a “rescue” is cracking us up. This little girl was just trying to play in the sea and the dog was having absolutely none of it. We are in stitches!

Jesse is a Jack Russell terrier that has been able to garner quite the online audience. He’s got a YouTube channel that showcases him in the process of doing household chores. We sure do wish that we had a dog like him that we could rely on. Meanwhile, there are also livestock dogs that enjoy heading outside to play in all of the fresh snow.

They may have to spend their days working as guard dogs but they love to take breaks so that they can frolic in the snow. We sure do have a ball watching them, even if we are not all that big on the snow ourselves. The more we think about it, the more we realize that we have done nothing to deserve dogs. They are so good to us and they do not ever ask us for anything in return….except love and loyalty.

Fraser and Egan round out our list of impressive pets. Fraser is a dog who prides himself on spreading joy wherever he goes and we must admit that he is doing a phenomenal job of that. What a lovable dog! This is one of the most helpful therapy dogs that we have ever seen. As for Egan, we wish that we could have been a fly on the wall for this initial meeting.

Egan works with blind children and provides them with the assistance that they need. He plays a very important role in society. If you are someone who has been touched by a special dog, this is your time to let the world know. Be sure to sound off and tell us more and take a moment to pass this touching story onto your friends and loved ones while you are at it!

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