Puppy With Plastic Bag Tied Around Neck Hid Under Car Until Rescuers Arrived

This story began in late September. Brittany was still in bed one morning when she got the most peculiar wake up call. It was her fiance and he was asking her to come outside. She often works with the good people at Virginia Beach’s Fur-Ever Home Rescue. This experience was about to come in handy. Her fiance had found a little puppy cowering beneath their back tires.

It took a little bit of coaxing (and a few treats) but they were finally able to coax the dog out from under their Jeep. The puppy had not been eating regularly and she was also completely filthy. She was covered in motor oil. This was not the worst part, though. When the couple took a closer look at the dog, they found that the animal had been restrained with the use of a shopping bag.

What kind of monster would do this to an innocent puppy? From the looks of it, she had been tied up with a Dollar General bag. The people who are responsible for this ought to be ashamed of themselves. Wrapping a bag around a dog’s neck like this is a horrific thing to do. It took six baths but they were finally able to remove the filth and grime.

Baggie Baby's First Day

Meet our nameless 6mo old pibble pup who was found dragging a yellow Dollar General bag (that she was likely tied into). This video was taken in her first 24 hours in a foster home. She will soon be available for adoption. Isn't she amazing?

Posted by Fur-Ever Home Rescue on Friday, September 28, 2018

From there, they contacted their friend Martin to see if she would be willing to help out. Martin took the dog to be examined and found that the animal was healthy, despite a few minor concerns. The puppy was able to eat plenty of food but did not want much to do with humans. Martin says that she was very timid at first. It took some time for her true personality to come out.

Now that she realizes that humans are inherently decent, she is ready to make a lasting connection with someone. She has now been renamed Itty Bitty. Pitbulls may have a reputation for being fierce but this belies their ability to forgive. Once she is able to reach the proper weight, it will be time for her to head to a forever home.

Martin has received a wide range of applications from those who have seen Itty Bitty’s story online. She does not believe that there is any need to rush the process. We look forward to seeing where she ends up next and we hope that she is never treated poorly ever again.

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