Stray Dog Was So Matted No One Knew What Kind Of Dog He Was

Sang Su had been forced to reside on the Chicago streets. The stray had no home to call his own and life had gotten rough for this dog. Once he was finally picked up, it was easy to see that he had not been given any sort of love or affection in quite a long time. His thick coat had become so matted, it was essentially impossible for anyone to recognize him.

No one could even tell what breed of dog he was. When he arrived at the shelter, it was clear to see that the dog would need more help than what they could provide. That is why they contacted the good folks at Trio Animal Foundation. They are a nonprofit group that assists dogs that have experienced severe neglect. However, they had never handled a dog in this sort of condition.

His fur was soaked in urine as well. This made it incredibly difficult for anyone to come near the dog. His stench was simply unbearable. It would take some special people to change this dog’s outlook. Sang Su’s rescue team was more than willing to step up to the plate. The fur had become a prison of sorts. It was time for this sad dog to have a chance at freedom.

Medical professionals handled the grooming process. It took two hours but they were finally able to remove roughly three pounds of fur from the dog’s body. By the time the task was complete, he was basically unrecognizable. The rescuers were also able to figure out his breed at this time. He is actually a cocker spaniel mix and one of the cutest dogs we have ever seen.

Now that Sang Su is free of his fur prison, he has a whole new lease on life. Some thought that he may have been a poodle! This is the most fur that these rescuers have ever had to remove from one of their charges. Sang Su’s true spirit has come out and he is happier than he has ever been. He can finally run and play, plus he gets to enjoy the feeling of being petted.

That is all he wants now. After years of going without being petted, this is his sole objective in life. He has come a long way but he still has a few more steps to take. Once he is ready for a forever home, the Trio Animal Foundation will be responsible for placing him. If you would like to donate to his medical costs, be sure to contact the foundation as soon as possible.

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