Jogger Finds Abandoned “Cat” In The Middle Of A Field

While there are certain animals that are more prone to abandonment than others, this story proves that there are no bounds to some people’s cruelty. The man in this story was out for a Sunday jog when he came across one of the most astonishing sights. A lion cub was locked in a cage and had been abandoned in the middle of a field. The jogger contacted the authorities and asked for help immediately.

Stichting Leeuw was contacted by the police as soon as they arrived on the scene. They pride themselves on offering sanctuary to all of the big cats out there. The lion cub did not seem to mind people too much, which surprised observers at the sanctuary. It is believed that he was brought into the Netherlands by illegal breeders. This would probably go a long way towards explaining his comfort level with people.

This is all purely speculation, though. No one knows where the lion cub came from or how they ended up in a field. The cub was obviously not happy inside of the small cage and wanted to be free. This is certainly understandable. A tiny cage is no place for a wild animal. The cub was frustrated but still allowed the rescuers to transport him.

He is not experiencing any medical difficulties. The cub has settled in nicely at the sanctuary and is fitting in quickly. Sadly, he is not going to be able to head back out into the wild. Since he was raised in captivity, his chances of survival dwindle completely if he is allowed to exist on his own. These are the consequences of illegal breeding.

This big cat will not be able to run through the wild in all of his majesty because someone wanted to break the law. These types of events sicken us. The type of people who are willing to ruin the life of an innocent animal are rotten to the core. The cub should have been allowed to grow up with their mother and now they will never have the chance to do so.

A lion is supposed to reside in the wilderness. Once the cub receives a full medical checkup, the sanctuary will decide what is best for their future. If the cub gains enough size and strength, he may be transferred to a larger sanctuary elsewhere. Please share this story to spread awareness.

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