Dad Freaks When Adopted Dog Lunges At His Daughter, Realizes He Was Sacrificing Himself For Her

Some stories sound like they were written in the stars and this is one of them. You will definitely be smiling from ear to ear by the time you are done reading. Haus is a German shepherd who was adopted by a family that had no idea that they were bringing a future hero into their home. The DeLuca family is certainly glad that they decided to do so, though.

Little Molly was in the family’s backyard spending time with her grandmother. The family soon noticed that Haus did not seem to be too pleased with what was going on. When they took a closer look to see what was going on, they realized that the dog was actually trying to protect their little girl. The 7 year old was at risk of being attacked by a snake!

The Eastern diamondback rattler had gotten into the family’s yard and Haus was not going to let any harm come Molly’s way. He got in between the snake and the little girl, taking on most of the abuse. The snake began to strike and Haus served as a living shield. The snake bit one of his legs several times and he was in need of medical assistance.

The attack that Haus experienced was enough to leave him in critical condition. The family was grateful that he had saved their little girl but they did not want to lose him in the process. While the doctors believed he would make a complete recovery, the pup was at risk of experiencing long term kidney damage that could not be reversed.

Haus’ medical bills were high and the family started a Go Fund Me page so that they could receive assistance. Strangers were more than willing to help and the family was actually able to double their initial goal. All of the excess money was passed onto local charities that were in need. After a week in the hospital, Haus was given the chance to head home.

His family is overjoyed to have him back. He is now known as the Hero Dog and rightfully so. They have now snake proofed their yard so that this will never happen again and this is one family that realizes how fortunate they are. If you would like to get to know Haus a bit better, take a moment to check out the clip below.

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