Man Looks Like A “Disney Prince” After Losing 70 Pounds While Taking Care Of His Sick Mom

Those who have embarked on weight loss journeys in the past can tell you just how many challenges they had to overcome before they were able to achieve their goals. It is the sort of pursuit that seems deceptively simple but in reality? The discipline that it takes to achieve these sorts of goals is not always easy to come by. Take Jeffrey, for instance.

When Jeffrey decided that he finally wanted to shed all of his excess weight, he knew that it would be a tough road. It took him a long time to get to where he wanted to be and the most amazing thing happened once he got there. His weight loss journey began in earnest while his mother was going through some very severe medical issues. This story is a reminder of the changes that we can make, if only we set our minds to it.

His mother experienced a brain aneurysm that caused her to fall into a coma. By the time she woke up, Jeffrey had allowed himself to balloon to the point where she could not even recognize him. This was all of the motivation that he needed. We can’t even fathom how terrible he must have felt in that moment and his words have stuck with us.

As soon as he began to shed the weight, his mother was finally able to recognize him again. This was a major boost to his spirit. A close friend of his also decided to join his workouts and this helped immensely. His confidence continued to grow. Jeffrey realized that he enjoyed working on himself and began to try a wide range of different workouts.

Jeffrey also enjoyed the compliments that he was starting to receive. He was even referred to as the living embodiment of a Disney fairy tale prince! For someone who had struggled to be recognized by his own mother, this had to feel good. He now realizes the importance of caring for himself and putting in the proper amount of effort.

He is now setting his goals even higher than ever before. The positive responses that he receives serve as a form of fuel that drives him to achieve even more. Jeffrey has already dropped over 70 pounds and it has allowed him to become a much happier person. He definitely does look like a Disney prince and we are glad to see him shining bright!


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