Dog Taken Away By Police After Caught Chasing Deer, Becomes Internet Sensation

Finn seems like a normal, everyday dog from first glance. No one would ever look at the pup and believe that they are in the presence of a hardened criminal. However, he recently found himself receiving some unwanted attention from the police. They are willing to look the other way on his mischief, though. Dogs just want to have fun, after all.

This pup made his way into the news by chasing after some local deer. Emme Thompson is Finn’s mother and when she took a photo of the dog in the back of a police cruiser, the picture went viral immediately. Just look at Finn’s face. Doesn’t he look like a bank robber who is on their way to the big house? The Ontario Provincial Police were contacted after her dog ran away from home and tried to fight a deer.

While this is certainly serious, there is something about this photo that is absolutely hilarious. Emme could not resist sharing it. We are certainly glad that she did because we cannot get enough. Finn was out for a stroll with Emme’s father when he decided to bolt. Once he caught the deer’s scent, he was gone without a moment’s notice and the family was left wondering where he was.

Little did they know, he had found himself some trouble to get into. It did not take long before the family received a phone call from the police about the matter. You cannot take this dog anywhere! Emme was finally able to speak the officers and she let them know that he is actually a very good boy. Finn simply got carried away in the moment, as we all have.

He’s out of the slammer now but we hope that he has learned his lesson in the meantime. Since Finn grew up in this area, he has grown up chasing after these animals. The deer probably do not appreciate it as much but he means well. Emme says that the family has never encouraged him to participate in this practice. Dogs just have minds of their own sometimes.

Finn cannot help himself from time to time. We hope that the cops are willing to let this family off with just a fine. Finn promises to do better in the future and he will try his best to suppress his deer chasing urges going forward. According to the officers, he is going to be let off with a “stern warning”.

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