Parents Get Adorable Video Update From Their Son And Family Dog While On Vacation

Garrett Johnson recently got his chance to live the dream. His parents were going on a cruise and they left him in charge of the house for a whole week. He would also have to keep a close eye on his dog, Oscar. Since the family had never left him alone for this long, they were a bit apprehensive. They were sure to give him all the proper instructions, though.

As it turns out, Garrett and Oscar were just fine by themselves. Garrett put together a highlight reel of all the fun that they were having. He decided to create his own comedy tape and he had the perfect co-star for the occasion. Oscar is quite the ham himself. When he showed the clip to his mother, she began to cry tears of laughter.

Once he shared the clip on Twitter, their buddy comedy started to blow up. While the update was meant to keep Garrett’s folks entertained, the rest of the world cannot get enough of this movie. We would like to see it adapted into a major motion picture as soon as possible, please. Garrett was blown away by the attention he got for the video.

At the time when he posted the clip, Garrett only had about 70 Twitter followers. He is now over 160. Now that he and Oscar are taking the Internet by storm, it is only a matter of time before the dog receives a few movie deal offers. These good times continue to roll, even when the camera is off. It is clear to see that these two are truly the best of friends.

We also love the song that he chose for the clip. Hopefully, there is a sequel somewhere in the not so distant future. As for Garrett, he says that he is just enjoying spending the week with his pal. Life is good and the two are having all of the fun together. These parents did not have anything to worry about at all.

This is one teen who did not use the trip as an excuse to throw a raucous party or get into any sort of mischief. Garrett and Oscar found a way to have some good, clean fun and we are 100 percent here for it. If this clip tickled your funny bone like it did ours, please do not hesitate to share away! Let the good times roll, boys.

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