Men Rescue Dog From Icy Water Only To Learn From Vet They Made A Big Mistake

The idea of being trapped inside of an icy river during the winter months is the last thing that any of us want to think about. It is a scary prospect, right? These Estonian men were recently forced to grapple with just such an occurrence. The incident took place at the Sindi Dam. They saw a dog that was struggling to remain afloat and knew that they had to help.

The men did not hesitate for a second. Once they rescued the animal from the icy waters, they would soon come to a stunning realization. The animal that they had saved was not a dog at all. It was actually a wolf! By the time they had reached the wolf, he was already rather stiff from the cold. The rescuers wrapped him in a towel and took him to the vet’s office.

This rescue team did not care if they were rescuing a wolf or a dog. All they knew was that there was an animal in need and they felt compelled to act. The vet’s office let the men know that the animal would need to be caged. There is a chance that he could have reacted in an aggressive manner. Finally, the researchers who monitored the wolf allowed him to be realized into the wild.

The animal was given a GPS collar for safekeeping as well. Rescuing the animal might have been a risky move to some but these men were not going to allow any harm to come his way. They did what was right and deserve to be commended for it. Life presented them with a chance to become heroes. As you can see, they were not willing to let the moment pass.

We are sure that the wolf was appreciative for the help. We shudder to think of what would have happened to him, if not for these brave men. There are not many people who would have been willing to stop what they were doing to rescue an animal in need. Hopefully, this wolf is remaining safe out in the wild and will avoid falling into icy bodies of water in the future.

In the meantime, be sure to share this awesome story with your closest friends and loved ones. If you are anything like us, you definitely appreciate a good old fashioned rescue story. Every day is another opportunity to do the right thing!

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