Woman Creates A Scale For ‘Burnt Toast’ And It’s Causing Outrage On Twitter

We all have to deal with burnt toast on occasion but even when it is done perfectly, our idea of perfect may differ from one person to another. Some people like the bread barely baked and others like it a lot darker.

So what is your favorite type of toast? Are you somebody that only likes the toast in the toaster for a few moments or do you not feel the toast is ready until the fire department is called?

Most people tend to fall somewhere in between those two extremes. One user on Twitter, however, has created a guide that has caused quite a stir. There are even some users who are rather upset because they disagree with him.

Most of us would probably eat most of the pieces of toast on this list and we wouldn’t complain openly. Then again, we might complain just a little, even if we don’t let anyone hear it.

I tend to eat my toast somewhere between 3 and 4 but I may even go a little bit darker, as long as it’s warm enough to melt the butter.

People have been responding with their personal preference. Some have opted for 5-6 and others are lower on the scale at 3-4. One woman said that she likes 9 and people were noticeably upset. One even tweeted: “I’ve alerted the authorities.”

Another toast lover said: “Six and I will go to war about this.”

One guy even wanted to take it a step further:

Another person gave a reason for each type of toast: “1 if you’re in a hurry, 2 if you have to rush, 3 if you don’t really mind, 4 if you do mind, 5 if you are serious about your toast, 6 if you like it cracky, 7 if you are lazy, 8 if you don’t care, 9 you might as well stop having breakfast”. Sounds reasonable.

Most people seem to fall about the middle of the list. Somebody said that it depended on the type of topping that was being used. They feel that 5 should be used for ‘butter alone’ but if you are spreading anything else on it, shoot for 6.

Sometimes, things are better left unsaid.

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