Dog ‘Thrown Away’ With The Trash And Left Behind Uses Recliner To Stay Warm

Stories like this one are simply all too common. While we all hate to read animal abandonment stories, there are too many people who feel comfortable with the idea of discarding them in a careless manner. That is why we all need to be more vigilant about the topic so that these types of stories can finally start being considered common occurrences. Take the story of our friend Ollie-Loo, for instance.

He once had an awesome family to call his own. Sadly, they decided to move and did not want to take him with them. They placed him outside on the curb with the rest of their trash and took off without a second thought. Poor Ollie-Loo remained on the curb, waiting and hoping for someone to come back for him. In order to stave off the cold, he curled up on the family’s old recliner.

This type of loyalty is equal parts adorable and saddening. Ollie-Loo was willing to wait as long as it took for his loved ones to come back. Little did he know that they were already gone. According to neighbors, the family was evicted and this contributed to the abandonment. However, they still returned for a younger puppy and left Ollie-Loo hurt and confused.

Terri is a volunteer with the Detroit Animal Welfare Group. When she saw Ollie-Loo while she was on a different call, she knew that she had to help out. Once the animal was taken to the vet, it was discovered that he was grossly underweight and had a fractured femur. Perhaps his abandonment was a blessing in disguise, as it allowed him to escape this awful family.

Once the Detroit Animal Welfare Group intervened, they received a number of offers from interested foster parents. He was soon placed with a new family that offers him the love he needs. A fundraiser to generate funds for his femur surgery was successful and he has since found a forever home with a great family that will never leave him out in the cold again.

Please pass this story along, so that we can put a stop to stories like these. While Ollie-Loo was fortunate enough to experience a happy ending, there are too many dogs in this world who are not as blessed as he is. Let’s come together and make stories like this one a thing of the past.

We wanted to give an up date on Ollie-Loo, he has been a wonderful boy, in a loving, caring and warm foster home….

Posted by Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) on Friday, December 23, 2016

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