Dog Travels 3,000 Miles From Syria To Paris For Moving Reunion With Soldier Who Saved Her Life

Sean Laidlaw is a veteran of the British Army. When he was deployed in Syria, his puppy Barrie is all that kept him from losing his marbles. He was a Royal Engineers lance corporal. He initially found Barrie buried beneath a concrete slab (hence the name) and the two became fast friends. The poor pup was caught in the rubble of a school that had been blown up.

While Sean is responsible for saving her life, he believes that she is the one who has truly saved him. He did not have a normal existence when he was in Syria and she was able to keep him from losing touch with reality. For a soldier in his position, something as simple as being able to take Barrie for a walk kept his mind off the horrors of war.

The puppy was given her name before Sean even had a chance to realize that she was not a boy. The two would soon become inseparable and Barrie even rode in the shotgun seat when Sean would drive into town. Sadly, the two were eventually separated. His contract with the Royal Engineers was canceled and what was thought to be a short break soon became something more painful.

As Sean recalls it, he was one of the very few people who was displeased about not getting the chance to head back to Syria. Sean knew he had to get his dog back and he saved the necessary funds to do so. From there, he contacted the good people at War Paws. This is a charity in Iraq that is responsible for reuniting vets with the pups they have lost.

Barrie was taken on a trip to Jordan so that she could receive all of the necessary health check ups. The lucky pup was then taken to Paris and Sean was told that he could meet her there. Sean was unsure that his old friend would remember him. It had been a while since they saw one another. It turns out that he had nothing to worry about at all!

The reunion that these two shared is one of the most adorable things that we have ever seen. Now, you will have the chance to check out this awesome clip for yourself. Be sure to share this wonderful reunion with your closest friends and loved ones. We wish Barrie and Sean all of the best going forward!

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