Dog Hilariously Imitates Teenage Boy With Broken Leg

When family members are sick or injured, our dogs will typically find a unique way to acknowledge what was taken place. They like to stand in solidarity with their owners. Sawyer the dog had something else in mind entirely. As it turns out, Sawyer has a teenage human for a brother and he has managed to break his leg. Sawyer isn’t letting that get to him, though.

He is here to help his owner through by providing him with the very best medicine: laughter. The best friends are able to tease one another and this is no exception. Sawyer is not about to cry tears for this silly human. He is here to make jokes and get laughs. We are also here for this. When he sees his hobbled brother, all he can do is make a joke out of it.

He mimics his brother’s walk perfectly! We are absolutely overcome with laughter and this is one of the funniest clips that we have seen in some time. Honestly, we had to take a minute or two to compose ourselves. Sawyer is not injured in the slightest. This is just his impression of his brother’s walk. Maybe he is simply paying homage?

We are not sure and we do not want to know. The mockery that appears to be taking place here is just too much to deal with. What a slick sense of humor. Dogs are so much smarter than they will ever get credit for. This is the type of clip that is going to inspire some level of debate. Some will say it is a joke and others will say it is a form of sympathy.

We have already made up our minds about this one and we do not care if he was trying to be nice. It is way more fun to live in the universe where this dog is trying to savagely own his pal. The best friends are the friends who can mock us without mercy and these two are great pals if that is the case. We wish this young man all of the best in his recovery as well.

Take a closer look at this clip and make your own decision. Is the dog simply showing solidarity or is he trying to have a little fun at this boy’s expense? You decide! Pass this hilarious video along after you’ve seen for yourself.

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