Blind Dog Gets The Surgery He Needs To See, And Dog’s Reaction Has Internet In Tears

We all tend to take our eyesight for granted. It is one of those things that we never take the time to appreciate until we have lost it. Animals who lose their eyesight face even greater challenges than humans. The dog in this story went blind and while the animal received a very lucky break, it is clear to see how much he appreciates it.

Blindness does not have to take over our lives any longer. Now that eye surgeries are available, humans and animals are restoring their eyesight at a greater rate than ever before. Duffy is an Irish terrier who qualified for the surgery. He lost his eyesight because of a struggle with diabetes and it was believed that he would never be able to see again.

Fortunately, the diabetes was taken care of with medication. Once his condition was stabilized, it would be easier to provide him with the help that he needed. Poor Duffy was not doing well without his eyesight. The formerly happy dog had become reclusive and withdrawn. Not being able to see his family anymore had made him very, very sad.

We can’t even begin to imagine the level of sadness that the dog was experiencing. Malvern, Pennsylvania is the location that the family was sent to in order to restore his sight. Veterinary Referral Center was glad to help. The operation was not going to be a guarantee but the family was hopeful that they would have their old dog back.

We are proud to report that the operation was a success and that Duffy is now able to see once more. The family captured the footage of Duffy’s first time seeing his beloved humans in months and this clip will have you in tears. We have never seen a dog look this happy in all of our lives. His cries of joy will definitely tug at your heartstrings.

Please be sure to share this awesome clip with the dog lovers in your life. They are definitely going to appreciate Duffy’s story. The old saying is really true, you do not know what you have until it has been taken away for you. Let this story be a lesson to you. Do not ever take your ability to see for granted. We hope that Duffy is enjoying his new lease on life and we wish his family all of the best.

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