Firefighter Does Sweetest Thing For Two Terrified Donkeys Fleeing Wildfires

Sacramento Fire Chief Gary Loesch was recently driving down the road with Chris Harvey, a local firefighter. The two men were traveling through Paradise, California at the time. They were making their way through the area in the wake of a deadly wildfire that had claimed homes and cars throughout the community. The Camp Fire also claimed the lives of humans and animals living in Paradise.

The two firefighters were headed to the area to investigate an accident that had taken place. Eventually, they saw two animals doing their best to get out of the smoke. The two donkeys that Chris and Gary saw were hopelessly lost and they needed help right away if they were going to survive. The animals were tired, thirsty and worn out. Chris tried his best to give them some water.

The donkeys were going to need more than just some water, though. The men decided to give the apples in their lunch bags to the donkeys as well. Chris immediately noticed a difference in the donkeys’ demeanor once they had gotten some food and water. They realized that the men were there to help. Base camp was contacted at this time.

They sent out animal control officers to collect the donkeys. The men were not about to head off without making sure that the donkeys were safe, though. Chris and Gary knew that they had to stay by their side until the animal control officers were able to arrive. The donkeys also seemed to sense that their presence was a good thing.

While a lot of men would have kept driving and ignored the donkeys, Chris and Gary were willing to help. They stayed until animal control arrived and while no one is sure if they have been reunited with their loved ones yet, we sure hope that they will be back where they belong soon. These men arrived at the nick of time and the donkeys are now receiving the help that they need the most.

Stories like these serve as a ray of hope during a difficult time. We are keeping all of the families and animals that are being affected by these wildfires in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks to the assistance of these firefighters, these two donkeys will have the chance to enjoy a taste of their old life. Please pass this touching story along to your friends and loved ones.


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