Dog Was Literally Reaching Out For Someone To Save His Life

JJ the dog had not gotten any attention in a very long time. He had been living in a shelter outside of Dallas in a more rural area and did not have very much contact with humans. When visitors would walk past his cage, he would even reach out with his paw to let them know he needed love. Dowdy Ferry Road is a common dumping area for dogs in this region and that is where JJ was found.

While this road is heavily trafficked and dogs are regularly struck, JJ was able to survive this harrowing experience. The pit bull is all of nine months old but he has already been through so much during the course of his short life. He was incredibly emaciated when animal control first found him and they are unsure as to how he fended for himself for as long as he did.

Posted by Marina Tarashevska on Thursday, August 2, 2018

The shelter that he was taken to initially was more of a shack plus they could not afford to keep him for an extended period of time. After two weeks, he was placed on the most dreaded list of all….the euthanasia list. Marina Tarashevska finally stepped in to rescue JJ and if not for her, who knows what might have happened to this poor, frightened dog.

At first, he seemed lost. Marina believes that he was still afraid of being struck by a car. Once she placed him in his kennel, he reached out his paw to her in hopes that she would save his life. We have all seen dogs beg for treats before but watching this animal beg for his life is a truly saddening experience. Dallas DogRRR answered Marina’s calls and provided him with a place to stay.

He is obsessive about the time that he spends in his kennel. It is clear to see that the kennel has become his home. This is all that he has ever known. While he did not come from a very positive environment, he is still a kind and loving dog. He is very affectionate and when he is given attention, he only seems to want more and more.

With a disposition like his, he will make a great pet and deserves to find a forever home as soon as possible. Please contact Dallas DogRRR if you are able to provide any information that could make his dream come true. In the meantime, be sure to pass this story along to increase awareness.

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